Demining and preservation of forest ecosystems in protected and Natura 2000 areas in Lika-Senj and Zadar counties - FEARLESS VELEBIT

Project holder: Hrvatske šume d.o.o.

Partner: Ministry of Internal Affairs

Collaborators: Public Institution “Nature Park Velebit” and Public Institution “National Park Paklenica”

The project is co-funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds.

The project is co-funded by the European Cohesion Fund.

It is conducted within the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020.

Total value of the project: 266.455.974,71 HRK
Total acceptable costs: 257.303.868,41 HRK
Amount co-financed by the EU: 218.708.288,14 HRK

Project implementation started: 01.08.2018.
Project duration: until 30.06.2023.

Project implementation area: Lika-Senj and Zadar counties

Project goal: Demining, preservation and protection of forests and forest land within the ecological network Natura 2000 in the protected area of ​​the Velebit Nature Park and the Paklenica National Park.

Planned activities:

  • Demining of forests and forest land
  • Restoration of forest anti-fire infrastructure
  • Promotion and visibility
Fearless Velebit

Expected results of the project by activities

Demining of forests and forest land


The project will demine a total of 1,645.26 ha of forests and forest and other (non-forest) land in the Velebit Nature Park and the Paklenica National Park area. This will enable sustainable management and protection of forests, ie the smooth implementation of 12 forest management plans, ie the Management Programs for economic units with the Ecological Network Management Plan, as well as the “Velebit Nature Park” Management Plan and the “Paklenica National Park” Management Plan, to create the conditions for the establishment of a monitoring system and management framework for the Natura 2000 ecological network.

It will enable the restoration of endangered and protected rare meadow species. Namely, the project area mostly includes the restoration of forest land, which is itself a grassland habitat. Due to the unavailability of these areas due to mining, such habitats were endangered. Demining will improve the level of preservation of target habitat types (in the areas of the ecological network HR5000022 Velebit Nature Park), ie increase the level of preservation of endangered grassland habitats and improve the service of grassland habitat ecosystems.

RESULT (achieved so far)

Demining work was completed in December 2020. Forests and forest lands in the Paklenica National Park and the Velebit Nature Park have been demined. In the area of ​​the Velebit Nature Park, there are still 540 ha of suspected mine areas left. So far, 2,177 mines and unexploded lethal matter have been found. By obtaining confirmation of exclusion from the suspected mine areas, this project area is declared as cleared and safe, and access is provided to mountaineers, nature lovers, hunters and employees of Hrvatske šume d.o.o.

In total, 1,645.25 ha (16,452,632 m2) were demined on twenty-one (21) project units, ie 100% of the total planned area.

Fearless Velebit - razminiranje

Restoration of the forest anti-fire infrastructure


The project will improve the forest fire infrastructure, which was, as a result of war, ie the danger of mines, neglected, difficult to pass or completely impassable for more than 25 years, in a way that in the Velebit Nature Park there will be a reconstruction of 75.07 km (31.08 ha) of neglected anti-fire roads with forest road elements (PPsEŠC).

PPsEŠC is a forest road area in the form of a railway, cleared of trees and low vegetation, about 6 meters wide with elements of a forest road and a projected pavement width of about 4 meters.

Improving forest fire protection will enable passability and access to protected and Natura 2000 sites, thus increasing the contribution of forestry to biodiversity and conservation and reduction of biodiversity loss within protected areas and areas of the Natura 2000 ecological network.

Fearless Velebit - obnova infrastrukture

RESULT (achieved so far)

The activity includes the reconstruction of twenty-seven (27) anti-fire cut downs with forest road elements, divided into six (6 groups). In all six groups of the project, the activity of reconstruction of PPsEŠC has started. A total value of 5,389,872.71 kn or 20.42% of works have been performed so far.

Promotion and visibility

Raising public awareness on the importance of biodiversity conservation and the value of ecosystem services and the importance of sustainable management of forests and forest land, by educating target groups on the importance of this protected area and developing a positive attitude towards nature conservation and protection and responsible attitude towards nature and the environment.

The implementation of the project will raise the level of understanding and involvement of the public and the availability of data on nature through activities of promotion and visibility.

Initial project conference

U kino dvorani pučkog otvorenog učilišta Gospić održane su radionica i početna konferencija u projektu Razminiranje i očuvanje šumskih ekosustava u zaštićenim i Natura 2000 područjima u Ličko-senjskoj i Zadarskoj županiji – Fearless Velebit. Radionica se održala u četvrtak 20.05.2021. godine, a početna konferencija projekta u petak 21.05.2021. godine s početkom u 10:00 sati.

Na konferenciji su bili prisutni: Tomislav Ćorić, ministar gospodarstva i održivog razvoja; Šime Mršić, državni tajnik u Ministarstvu poljoprivrede…

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